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EUROTARS Tumor And Reconstruction System

The EuromedTumor and Reconstruction System (EUROTARS) is comprised of a wide variety of implants and instruments designed to reconstruct irrepairable defects involving hip, knee, shoulder and elbow joints as well as defects associated with neighboring femur, tibia and humerus bones caused by tumor resection, revision arthroplasty or trauma.

The connection and extension parts are modular and universal for humeral, femoral and tibial body components. AllTi6AL4V components in the system are type 2 anodization coated in accordance with AMS 2488 D specification.

Titanium nitride (TiN) hard ceramic coating is also available.

The knee joint of the system has a controlled rotational hinge mechanism. The tibial rotation piece has two projections on the lower surface and the tibial insert has two grooves which accommodate these projections allowing 16 degrees of internal and external rotation. The system has a nonrotating hinged knee option for situations where extensive muscle resection is required and rotation cannot be controlled.

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